As a New York correspondent for The Daily Express in 1973 I went on tour with Led Zeppelin. I can be seen in the film The Song Remains The Same, about to get on their private jet with them. I’m the only man wearing a tie amongst all the hippy rockers. I fear this assignment was wasted on me!!

I met the members of the Led Zeppelin group in July 1973 when I was invited onto their Starship Boeing 707 to fly from Newark, New Jersey, to Pittsburgh where they were performing in the Three Rivers baseball stadium. I was in the sixth (of 12) stretch limos as we made our way from Pittsburgh airport to the stadium. It was like being in a Presidential motorcade. I liked Robert Plant, the lead singer, even if I didn’t care much for their music. This was largely because I was marooned on stage with them for three and a half hours, unable to escape the enormous sound systems looming 100ft above me.


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