Thrilled to have had so much reaction to a lovely book review in the Daily Mail two weeks ago and to a double page article on me in last Sunday’s Racing Post. Good for book sales, too, I have learned.

Writing Pressing My Luck has certainly reunited me with many old friends and colleagues with whom it is easy to lose touch in retirement. And even Old Boys from Malvern College have been in touch to say they enjoyed the book.

Today (March 11) I received interest from a documentary company who are making a programme about the Great Train Robbery’s 60th anniversary in 2023. They want me to tell the story of Ronald Biggs’s life and his various escapades.

So there is no peace for the wicked. I was hoping to devote myself to my annual racehorse fest at Cheltenham next week – but may be diverted by more creative demands. It is certainly making up for the ennui of Lockdown which seems to go on for ever. My wife Linda and I have had our first Covid jabs and are due our second in April. Let’s hope these vaccines are efficient enough to outsmart this horrible virus and return life to normal. Hey ho….


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